Information center

HD(CP)² produces a lot of documents and presentations, this is the place to find them. All documents that are relevant to the broader project are available here in the internal area; some of the detailed project communication is done in two module intranets.

1) General downloads and project documents We have a password-protected download page on this page (see login in the right column) for general documents, minutes and presentations from meetings. If you do not know the user name and password, please contact the HD(CP)2 project office.

2) Intranets for Observation module and ICON development We have two Redmines set-up for the organisation of the module internal workflow (i.e., a wiki, document upload ability, ++). To access the respective Redmine you have to get an account on and then contact the relevant administrator (Matthias Brück for ICON or Akio Hansen for Observation) within the Redmine.

Modelling: ICON Redmine

Observation: O Module Redmine

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