Quicklooks for the high-resolution simulations

The (ICON - large eddy model) is used for hindcast simulations of various weather situations, ranging from heavy precipitation events to cloudless sky. There are now quicklooks for all simulation days available to get a first impression of the outcomes of these simulations.

The high-resolution simulations produce big data sets an instantaneous quality control system is crucial to check for realistic model simulations and their physical consistency. Moreover, easy to access quicklooks are necessary to screen those big data sets for interesting atmospheric situations and features.

These quicklooks, first visualizations of the model output,  are now available at the [Swiftbrowser] of the Deutsche Klimarechenzetrum (DKRZ) and combine the model results with corresponding observations downloaded from different open access online databases. This yields a first impression of the consistency of basic atmospheric parameters such as temperature, humidity, wind speed profiles, precipitation and cloud coverage. The quicklooks are produced with an online evaluation toolbox that has been developed during the last month is HD(CP)².

These are examples of what you can find in the Swiftbrowser

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