The Science behind HD(CP)²

The second funding phase of HD(CP)² is centered around six scientific problems related to cloud formation, each treated in an individual sub-project (S1-S6) by "Science Teams" that consist of researchers from very different institutes. This new type of collaboration ensures a joint expertise in answering these critical questions:

These questions constitute the focal point of the scientific effort in the project and combine the outlasting development of modelling and observational capabilities that were generated in the first funding phase of the HD(CP)² project.

Project Structure

This figure gives an overview of the structure of the second funding period of HD(CP)².The individual S-projects are supported by model simulations (M) and observations (O), making M and O fundamental cornerstones of the whole project.

But the work that is done in these sub-projects also stands in its own right. Data that is gathered on several supersites and in various field campaigns in the O project is freely available to the public and establishes a common data format. Providing better and faster climate simulations are the main goals of the M project, but also data storage and data accessibility of the simulations are issues to be tackled. The project coordination ensures smooth administrative procedures and triggers information exchange among the various groups of people.

Therefore, there is no "top part" in HD(CP)², but all projects are building blocks that make up the entire project!

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