Observational Efforts

Along with the modeling module, cross-cutting observational efforts make up the second cornerstone of the HD(CP)² project.

Observations are essential to evaluate the realism of ICON-LEM simulations and of derived products, like parameterizations or information about climate sensitivity. Accordingly a central goal of the observation module is to evaluate and develop encapsulations of relevant data, including statistical properties, over different spatio-temporal scales in order to enable the critical assessment of the HD(CP)² simulations. There will also be tools to enable model-data inter-comparison. In the second funding phase of the project, there will also be an adaptation to new requirements (in particular the new model domains).

The central infrastructure is the archive for observational data SAMD in WP1 and WP2.

As in the first phase the Observation module includes the different types of atmospheric measurements: data from the Supersites in WP3, full domain data from satellites and ground based networks in WP4.

In WP5 the observational data will be used for the evaluation of ICON-LEM simulations.

Detailed descriptions of the work packages that are part of the O module can be found in the menu on the right.

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