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Cooperation with the Deutsche Klimarechenzentrum (DKRZ)

Workflow and Data Provision

The figure below shows the data flow within the HD(CP)² project. The model output contains many different variables as the research questions that are addressed in the project are very diverse. The selection of the 74 stored variables was done in correspondence with all project members in order to allow the full usage of the available data. As depicted in the figure, model data is not only provided to the researchers, but also used to further improve the model. It is absolutely neccesary to have a feedback from the actual "data users" in order to find errors and inconsistencies in the model code.

Therefore, the HDC(P)² community uses an issue tracker to manage the reported errors and their solution.


The M module carries out the high-resolution simulations with the ICON-LEM and also provides the data for the project scientists. Model data is initially stored at temporal resolution of 10 sec and 1min, and at a later stage reduced to 5 min output to allow manageable data packages.

Besides, project members from the DKRZ develop tools and software to provide an easy-to-use approach of the large amount of data that is produced in the ICON-LEM runs. 

Detailed information on the post-processed data can be found at the project own Redmine page.

The high-resolution model data is accessible to the scientific community. For more information and details please contact Matthias Brück and Pavan Siligam.

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