HD(CP)² is a BMBF funded Germany-wide research initiative to improve our understanding of cloud and precipitation processes and their implications for climate prediction.

Already working in its second phase (April 17 – March 19), the HD(CP)² project addresses cloud and precipitation (CP) processes which constitute one of the largest uncertainties in current weather and climate prediction models. This CP roadblock is addressed by a number of scientific questions that all deal with very different aspects of cloud formation, evolution and precipitation. The project utilizes the ICON-LEM (ICOsahedral Non-hydrostatic Large Eddy Model) that provides an previously unknown horizontal resolution of 156m to actually resolve CP processes. High-resolution hindcast simulations are performed over very diverse regions, such as Germany and the Tropical Atlantic. A first look at the different hindcast simulations can be done here.

The first funding period of HD(CP)² focused on the optimization of the ICON model for the large-eddy simulations and on the improvement of ground, in situ and satellite based observations of cloud and precipitation events. A project-own observation campaign was run and its data is freely available to the scientific community.


… but not closing the discussions.

The last meeting brought together a large part of the HD(CP)2 scientific team for finalizing touches to reports…

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After the meeting is before the meeting...

As the official end of the HD(CP)2 project has been reached, there will be a last meeting of all members…

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A big thank you to all the participants of the UCP2019 conference!

With more than 70 talks and 120 poster presentations the conference was a great…

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The abstract deadline for contributions to the EGU General Assembly 2019 is January 10th!

Check out session with HD(CP)² conveners Opens internal link in current windowhere.
The full…

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