"I am a post-doc involved in the S- and O- groups. My focus is on detecting convective organizations in radar reflectivities for comparison with the HD(CP)² model and satellite measurements." I. Pscheidt, University of Bonn


"My scientific focus is on the lifecycle and organization of convective clouds. To increase the understanding of underlying processes, I combine ICON simulations with Meteosat observations." F. Senf, TROPOS


"I'm working on coordinating the further development of the LES physics of ICON and preparing suitable setups for the second phase. I'm also interested in convective aggregation." R. Heinze, MPI Hamburg


"I'm coordinating the subproject S5. I would like to better understand for what convective organization matters". C. Hohenegger, MPI-M


"The aim of our work is to understand the dynamics and the organisation of convective cells based on conserved quantities like vorticity, helicity or vertically integrated mass flux. Also the interaction between convective cells and the synoptic-scale flow in ICON will be investigated." S. Brune, University of Bonn


"I am working as post doc in the HD(CP)² project on the topic of " Parameterization of organized shallow convection”. I will be focusing on the effect of precipitation and organized motions associated with the shallow cumulus convection on the second-moment budget equations." A. Theetai Jacobs, University of Frankfurt

"My research focusses on the role of cold pools for initiating and organising convection and how to represent this in a stochastic convection model. I investigate cold pool dynamics in ICON simulations on a range of scales from operational forecast model to large-eddy simulations." S. Schäfer, LMU

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