"I'm a PhD student working in project S4. I study flux heterogeneities and their impact on boundary layer circulations by conducting high-resolution large-eddy simulations coupled to a land-surface scheme." K. Scharf, University of Hannover


"I am co-PI within S4-WP, which deals with the quantification of the effect of subgrid-scale surface heterogeneity on the atmospheric boundary layer. In particular, my research focuses on the interaction between the atmosphere and the soil-vegetation-continuum as well as with the application of Monin-Obukhov similarity theory over heterogeneous surfaces."  B. Maronga, University of Hannover


"Within S4 I am mainly interested in cities and urban areas which constitute strong land surface heterogeneities. In my project, I aim to improve the representation of cities in ICON, in order to minimize the uncertainites that are caused by inadequate modeling of urban surfaces." C. Moseley, MPI for Meteorology, Hamburg


''I am a post-doc of IBG3 in Forschungszentrum Jülich and supervised by Prof. Kollet. My work is to couple the  ICON-LES model into TerrSysMP and to investigate how land surface heterogeneity influences convective development and precipitation.'' C. Han, FZJ


"I am working on the evaluation of the land surface model of ICON-LEM and ICON-NWP with respect to the simulation of soil moisture and surface flux partitioning. In addition, I will study the coupling between the surface fluxes and their extension into the atmospheric boundary layer given surface heterogeneity and evaluate the performance of turbulence parameterizations." S. Muppa, University of Hohenheim

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