"My dream of HD(CP)² is to improve the model parameterizations of cloud and convection in ICON, our weather and climate work horse. Now my focus is on convective updrafts and cloud outflow." M. Köhler, DWD


"I work on the ice cloud cover parameterization and the evaluation and parameterization of the impact of convection on ice clouds in the ICON GCM together with Ioanna Arka. I also coordinate project S3 'impact of convection on ice clouds' and work together with Pooja Verma on the representation of contrails in ICON-LES and the analysis of their connection and impact on the synoptic situation in project S1." U.Burkhardt, DLR


"I am working on the parameterisation of the cirrus cloud physics in ICON GCM using a prognostic cirrus cover scheme. The evaluation of the scheme and its comparison to previously used ones is among my goals." I. Arka, DLR


"I am developing a Lagrangian particle model for ice clouds within ICON_LEM in order to investigate microphysical processes in anvil stratiform clouds generated by deep convection." C. Siewert, DWD


"I am using cloud microphysical data derived through the CloudNet synergistic approach to assess ICON model forecasts and satellite retrieval products. I furthermore evaluate the quality of the CloudNet data through comparisons with novel spectroscopic Raman lidar measurements. My focus is on cirrus clouds, which are convectively generated." J. Stäudle, DWD


"I'm developing a trajectory tool within the HD(CP)² ICON model. When finished, the tool will be applied in combination with feature identification to collect characteristics of convective systems." B. Kern, DLR


"The aim of my work is to improve the representation of the anvil in convective clouds especially focusing on the detrainment of water vapour and its effect on cirrus clouds. Analyzing ICON_LEM simulations with parameterized fluxes will help to understand uncertainties due to convection parameterizations." H. Rybka, DWD


"Warm Conveyor Belts cause the formation of large ice cloud fields in the upper troposphere. I work on a new microphysical parameterization for ice in ICON to investigate the formation and properties of WCB cirrus outflow." T. Lüttmer, JGU

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