Most of HD(CP)²'s high-resolution simulations are done at the Mistral cluster at the DKRZ in Hamburg, but some sensitivity studies with ICON-LEM done in the S1 and S3 module are actually performed at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC).

Up to now this was done at JUQUEEN (IBM BlueGene/Q system), but JUQUEEN's operational time ends as more and more JUWELS components are installed. JUWELS (Jülich Wizard for European Leadership Science) is the next generation machine at JSC and will be constructed as a Opens external link in new windowmodular supercomputer.This architectural paradigm has been developed at JSC over the past few years and was successfully demonstrated at scale in 2017, when the JURECA Cluster-Booster system was unveiled and ranked 29th on the November Top500 list. JUWELS' installation started in March 2018 and the final JUQUEEN shutdown is expected to take place in mid-May.

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