Full Domain Data

Work package 4 of the Observation module deals with the different products that can be derived from the full domain data sets.

Surface-, water vapor-, and cloud products from polar orbiting satellites

In this work package we perform continuous updates concerning the system set-up of the data server at the Freie Universität Berlin, which was initially build up in phase 1. Due to its direct linkage to the data servers in Cologne and Hamburg, this is done in close cooperation with project members from respective institutions. In addition, existing full-domain multi-annual data sets of MODIS surface products will be extended both in space and time. Also, new data sets from MODIS cloud and integrated water vapor products will be created. Moreover, at the supersites, time series of above mentioned data sets are being created  to allow for straightforward comparisons between ground-based observations, satellite-based observations, and model simulations. As for the existing data sets, the new data sets are being created in the standardized format as defined within the project and stored in the local database.

: "Ground based networks", "Precipitation from radar networks", METEOSAT and HALO.

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