Community Data Portal

The HD(CP)² observational data archive provides the measurements and products of the O-module. The archive is established as a structure of distributed data servers with a common web portal, which is located at the Integrated Climate Data Center (Opens external link in new windowICDC) in Hamburg.
The archive has been renamed to SAMD archive; SAMD stands for "Standardized Atmospheric Measurement Data". In the first project phase, the archive was a project internal data archive. SAMD is now open to the whole research community!

The web portal provides the meta-data information for each data set and the link to the corresponding data server. The data sets are sorted according to the menus "Long-term Observations", separated into "Local observations" and "Full domain"; and "Short-Term Observations", including the HOPE campaign and smaller observation points (see Fig. 1). The data archive is permanently growing with time and provides for the full year 2013: 11 data set from Full Domain, 37 data sets from the Supersites, and nearly 20 data sets for the HOPE campaign.

In the case of questions regarding data format, access, availability please contact the HD(CP)² Observation Expert User: Felix Ament. For questions about the data archive at THREDDS Server of the Regional Computing Center, University of Cologne please contact Opens window for sending emailFlorian Willems.

Selection tree of HD(CP)² observational data. (Data sets can be sorted into more than one category.)

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