Community Data Format

The goal of the web portal and the data archive is the provision of "easy-to use" data. Therefore the HD(CP)² observation product standard has developed to ensure that data from the multitude of instrument types can be used in a uniform manner. All data are stored in NetCDF format, with the usage of CF-conventions (Climate Forecast), as possible, which are well known in the model community and an important condition for the easy appropriability for all users, independent on previous experience with measurement data. The data product standard includes the conventions for the file naming, for the unambiguous assignment for each data set, Opens external link in new windowNetCDF conventions, as file header and variable names, and of standardized meta-data (XML) for each data set (XML-editor). The document is maintained and broadened continuously, and is applicable not only for measurement data of HD(CP)², but for also for upcoming campaigns and projects. With the HD(CP)² observation data product standard, we have developed the basis of an archive of standardized data sets, for the first time in Germany, for this large multitude of instrument types.

All data available are checked against the product standard. The figure below gives an overview of the checking procedure from the proper measurements to the data sets, stored in the archive. Please contact the Observation Expert User Felix Ament for more information about the HD(CP)² Observation Product Standard.

Figure: Overview of the procedure from the measurements (O1, O2, O4), the quality check (O3) to the data storage and the web portal.

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