Task 1 of work package 3 is based on existing supersites (JOYCE (Jülich Observatory for Cloud Evolution), LACROS (Leipzig Aerosol and Cloud Remote Observations System), MOL-RAO (Lindenberg Meteorological Observatory- Richard Assmann Observatory), and CESAR (Cabauw Experimental Site for Atmopsheric Research).

The figure shows the German supersites that belong the HD(CP)² project. Blue lines denote the boundaries of the simulation domain. The solid line describes the area of the forcing data and the dashed line the actual HD(CP)² simulation domain.

The aim is maintaining a continuous data stream starting in 2007 (if possible) and extending it with most recent data at all supersites. The data provided will be microwave radiometer, cloud radar and lidar and auxiliary data, i.e. soundings or radiances. A publication describing the JOYCE site can be found here.

Evolution of the troposphere as it was observed with the PollyXT lidar and the 35-GHz cloud radar of the Leipzig Aerosol and Cloud Remote Observations System (LACROS) during HOPE-Melpitz on 14 September 2013. From these observations and auxiliary datasets aerosol and cloud target classification masks as well as cloud microphysical products are derived with high vertical and temporal resolution, based on processing with the Cloudnet framework.

Task 3 will focus on the harmonization of continuous and sustainable data streams from the six supersite stations involved in the second phase of HD(CP)². Beside JOYCE, LACROS, CESAR, and RAO, there are the sites UFS  (Umweltforschungsstation Schneefernerhaus) and BCO (Barbados Cloud Observatory). The main tasks will be to coordinate developments for harmonized ceilometer, microwave radiometer and cloud radar calibration and quality control procedures in collaboration with the instrument manufacturers and international partners, i.e. from ACTRIS and ARM-ASR. Additionally, further develop and implement observational uncertainty characterisation is necessary. This task will also coordinate the measurement configuration of the different instruments.

The figure shows impressions of selected JOYCE instruments. Clockwise from top left: cloud radar MIRA-36, microwave radiometer HATPRO, AERI, Doppler lidar Streamline, ceilometer CHM 15k, sun photometer CIMEL, radia- tion array, MRR, TSI, and 120-m meteorological tower.