A new archive for Standardized Atmospheric Measurement Data (SAMD)

Central Europe is a region with one of the most comprehensive networks for cloud and precipitation observations worldwide. Unifying these observations to become an "easy-to-use" data set - establishing the infrastructure to store it and make it accessible to the climate community - is the goal of SAMD.

This data archive (work package 1) is the core activity of the Observation Module in HD(CP)².
It collects data by various observing systems in a standardized netCDF format. The HD(CP)² observation product standard ensures common naming conventions, which follow closely the CF convention, and provides all relevant meta data specifications. The technical framework has been established in the first funding phase of HD(CP)² and is now fully utilized. The data is hosted on distributed THREDDS servers (Thematic Real-time Environmental Distributed Data Services) which allows easy access via the protocols HTTP and Opens external link in new windowOPeNDAP. The data can be accessed via a common web portal hosted by Opens external link in new windowICDC Hamburg as the global entry point.