July 31st: Deadline for IEEE contributions

The 2017 IEEE Opens external link in new windowSciVis Contest is dedicated to the visualization and analysis of large and complex atmospheric simulations. The data for this contest is from HD(CP)² and shows the weather situation above Germany for April 26, 2013.
The visualization and analysis assignments for the 2017 Opens external link in new windowIEEE SciVis Contest cover a large variety of different tasks with varying level of difficulty. Especially those associated with cloud detection and tracking, or the analysis and comparison of different resolutions, are very important to us, and maybe your solutions and answers will help us to gain more and faster insight into our data, and finally enable us to improve our research through better visualization.

Fall: Time for Midterm Meetings

In September 2017, roughly half of HD(CP)²' second phase is over and thus time again for all modules to meet:

  • S1: September 26th/27th in Karlsruhe (KIT)
  • S2: October 19th/20th in Berlin (FUB)
  • S3: September 28th/29th in Offenbach (DWD), joint meeting with S1 on 28th morning
  • S4: October 5th/6th in Hohenheim (Universität Hohenheim)
  • S5: September 5th/6th in Bonn (University of Bonn, Meteorological Institute)
  • O:  September 13th/14th in Cologne

~ Sept./October: Workshop on "Evaluation and Feedback"

This will be a follow-up workshop on the discussion on evaluation and post-processing that took place at the annual meeting in February 2017. Its aim is to bring together members of S1-S6 to 

  • report on the progress of their work.
  • to give feedback to the M module regarding the usability and efficiency of the current work flow with the above decided data/file structure and post processing tools.
  •  to continue the discussion about wishes for the future and their feasibility.

February 2018: Annual Meeting at DWD

The annual project meeting will take place 19.2.-22.2.18 at the Deutsche Wetterdienst (DWD) in Offenbach.