What is the added value of the 156m resolution simulations?

Research in HD(CP)² revolves around the high-resolution simulations that are done with a horizontal resolution of up to 156m. A lot of effort (and resources) go into those simulations and naturally the question is posed:

  • Is this all worth it?
  • Do those high-resolution simulations really provide an added value beside simply showing that they can be performed at all?

To answer this, HD(CP)² members are working on a project-wide publication that compares the different resolutions with observational data in the various simulated scenarios. This will be a follow-up of the publication by Opens external link in new windowHeinze et al. (2016) that first presented the current ICON-LEM setup and its first results. Meetings of the individual sections are currently taking place.

Stay tuned for more!


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