HOPE Overview Paper is out!

The "HD(CP)² Observational Prototype Experiment" (HOPE) was executed as a major 2-month field experiment in Jülich, Germany, performed in April and May 2013, followed by a smaller campaign in Melpitz, Germany in September 2013.

The article (to be found Opens external link in new windowhere) provides an overview of the instrumental setup and the main results obtained during the two HD(CP)2 observational prototype experiments HOPE-Jülich and HOPE-Melpitz conducted in Germany in April–May and September 2013, respectively. The main goal of the field experiments was to provide high-resolution observational datasets for both, improving the understanding of boundary layer and cloud processes, as well as for the evaluation of the new ICON-LEM model that is run at 156-m horizontal resolution.

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