Data Archive Reloaded

Free access to all observational data - a milestone within HD(CP)²!

The archive has been renamed from "HD(CP)² observational data archive" to SAMD archive, whereas SAMD stands for Standardized Atmospheric Measurement Data.
Opens external link in new windowSAMD is now open to the whole research community. It uses an Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) OpenID as authentication mechanism. It provides the possibility to download a wget-script per data set and year for an easy download of the data in combination with the new access via OpenID. (Please find more information on this Opens external link in new windowhere).

The changes of the access procedure have been realized by Volker Winkelmann and Erasmia Stamnas at Opens external link in new windowRRZK Cologne. Many thanks also to the Opens external link in new windowDKRZ, especially to Katharina Berger for the support of the OpenID for SAMD. Many thanks to Annika Jahnke-Bornemann, Magnus Bornemann, and Remon Sadikni (ICDC) for the new wget scripts and the editing!

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