HD(CP)² simulations also for NAWDEX

New year - new simulations! HD(CP)² members have started working on simulations with the ICON-LEM for the North Atlantic.

The picture shows the integrated liquid water for an instantaneous timestep with the ICON-NWP.

Based on the ICON-LEM simulations for the Tropical Atlantic, HD(CP)² members have started working on simulations for the region of the North Atlantic. So far, there are 2.5 by 1.25km ICON-NWP simulations, which are used as a preparation (e.g. for boundary data) for the actual ICON-LEM simulations. These simulations include Iceland, which was the setting for the NAWDEX observation campaign in late September 2016.
The preliminary results can be accessed at this Opens external link in new windowlink and will be completed by more simulated days with the full simulation setup in the near future.

This work is done by Daniel Klocke (DWD-HErZ), Matthias Brück (MPI-M) and Aiko Voigt (KIT).

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