"I strive to bring models and observations closer together. Particular the exloitation of the impressive suite of instruments operated by German scientists at so-called super sites is her major goal in HD(CP)²." S. Crewell, University of Cologne


"With the use of satellite data I analyse the spatial and temporal variability of cloud parameters, their relationship to meteorlogical and aerosol parameters and compare these to model output. In the observation team I work on the expansion of the HD(CP)² database regarding satellite data." C. Henken, FUB


"My role in the HD(CP)² Project is the study of precipitation and cloud distribution response to aerosols. I'm evaluating the ICON-LES model simulations with ground-based and satellite observations." M. Costa, University of Cologne


"I'm working in project S1 developing a contrail cirrus parameterization in the high resolution ICON LES. I will look for the impact of contrail on natural clouds and their relation with the synoptic situation." P. Verma, LMU


"I work on the ice cloud cover parameterization and the evaluation and parameterization of the impact of convection on ice clouds in the ICON GCM together with Ioanna Arka. I also coordinate project S3 'impact of convection on ice clouds' and work together with Pooja Verma on the representation of contrails in ICON-LES and the analysis of their connection and impact on the synoptic situation in project S1." U.Burkhardt, DLR Oberpfaffenhofen


"My mission within HD(CP)² and all-day work life is to keep the LACROS supersite up and running. I also work on the analysis of the acquired datasets which will one day hopefully lead to an improved representation of aerosols and mixed-phase clouds in our models." P. Seifert,TROPOS


"I contribute to the "Climate prediction" part of "HD(CP)²". The idea is to use our model and our observations to learn about the rapid adjustments to perturbations in aerosols on the one hand and carbon dioxide on the other hand. These adjustments are a large source of uncertainty in quantifying the anthropogenic forcing of climate change." J. Quaas, University of Leipzig


"I work with data from the supersite observations to retrieve aerosol profiles and a mixed-phase cloud data set. I want to investigate the aerosol effect on clouds on a statistical basis from the supersite observations." H. Baars, TROPOS



"Time-varying 3D aerosol and CCN distributions are my focus within HD(CP)². In addition, I deal with the realistic description of their radiative properties in the model." C. Engler, TROPOS


"In HD(CP)² I coordinate the evaluation activities of the different S-projects. Additionally, I work on the evaluation of the precipitation-evaporation parametrization from supersite observations." A. Foth, University of Leipzig



"The focus of my work is on the representation of mixed-phase clouds in the ICON_LEM model. The model will be used to asses the impacts of aerosol on these clouds within the second phase of the HD(CP)² project." J. Tonttila, KIT

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